We are heading there again! ‘DECISION 2017′


Nobody wants to go through what happened in 2007 (post election violence). SO THINK! Think before you dip that thumb in ink! THINK!


A Kenyan band has best expressed this in a song that makes you think, literally. They are known for their poetic and expressive music and this one happens to be one of my favorite.

H_art The Band’s song – ‘Think’ says it all…


“With everything that has been happening from Worker Strikes left right and center to elections just around the corner to wheel barrows that cost a foot _& arm to commissions of inquiry that rarely reveal truth :We Felt it was time for people to sit and reflect on their power which is SPEECH.”

“SPEECH isn’t necessarily shouting or marching on the streets but standing up and choosing the leader of your choice.A leader who stands for something. SO THINK !!!”

Quoted from their YouTube Channel; below is the lyrics and a link to the video.


Shut up!
Shut up and listen to the eloquence of silence,
From my tongue,
To your ears, direct,
Complex in a sense but still makes sense,
You see, “They”,
Call us, the “leaders of tomorrow”,
Cliché huh?
But we’re just the riders of sorrow,
Including him and her,
We need to, raise the bar,
Work as per,
Take a stand,
And make it grand,
Create a brand with strands,
That transcend through the essence of sense,
The presence of sense,
Should be our core chore,

But they,
They’re like weevils,
Evil people who forget their roots,
And ditch their people,
So they bore holes in society,
And blind us by digging boreholes in calamity,
They don’t prevent the tragedy,
They only rush,
After it’s a reality,
So the reality is the tragedy graduating into calamity,
Some famine,
Some drought,
Some poverty,
Empty plate, Empty cup, Empty pockets,
And so we mutate into pickpockets,
Who pick from empty pockets,
As they pick from every docket,
And open every locket,
And I don’t even own a jacket,
Let alone a closet??
This stinks!
This stinks!
That’s why we must Think before we dip that thumb in ink,



 If not,

The stinking won’t stop,
But the shilling will drop,
Drop in value,
Drop in life,
Drop from value,
Down to strife.
Funny how they promise us good roads,
Good health and good education,
Whereas the only implication,
Is setting up commissions,
After being hit with sheer allegations,
And queer instigation’s,

What a situation!
The same promises they made during the previous generation,
Are the same promises they’re making in this one,
This blander is a big one.
That’s why we need a strategy,
To stop this travesty, and animosity,
And by animosity,
I’m talking Wajir, Wagalla and Tana,
I think we need a page turner,
Cut the blander,

Avoid the plunder.
It’s about time we drew a line between retrogressive and progressive,
Active and proactive,
Customary and visionary,
Before you dip that thumb in ink.


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Save Fuel; Save Money!

Tips to save your fuel and take care of your car

Save Fuel Today!

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? How about saving some of that gas, meaning fuel!

Treating your car with some tender, loving care – and make sure your next purchase is eco-friendly! A fuel-efficient vehicle will save fuel, and help you do your bit of mother nature.

  1. Park it right: A car parked in the hot sun means that there will be minute amounts of fuel lost via evaporation, particularly if your car is old and the seals of the fuel tank are not in mint condition. Also, if the interior of the car has really heated up, the AC has to work harder in a bid to cool it down and while it doesn’t use fuel directly, it does lower the fuel efficiency or mileage of the car. Always park in a garage when at home; else always try to park in shade or away from direct sunlight. Car covers don’t really help as they add to the greenhouse effect inside the car and also age the interior plastic and rubber parts. Instead, if you have to park in the sun, make sure your fuel cap is sealed tight and the fuel cover locked. Put windscreen shades to avoid sunlight directly hitting the interiors to keep the car somewhat cool.
  2. Avoid pricey fuel: The premium and pricey fuel will not affect your car’s performance or fuel economy in the least, but it may pinch your pocket strings and end up needing more refills in turn. Check your car manual for the lowest grade octane fuel it supports, and give premium fuel a miss – this will also help in keeping emissions low. Facebook Post
  3. Don’t top off: When your car fuel gauge hits auto cut off, stop filling it up. Topping off doesn’t make you have extra fuel in the car instead the extra fuel sloshes around, overflows and brims over to wasteland.  Why waste what you and Mother Earth are paying dearly for? Stop pumping the moment you hear that fuel-saving click!
  4. Check your fuel cap: Loose fuel caps, faulty gaskets or even swinging-open fuel covers cause many a liter to flow unchecked, drop by drop. The fuel sloshes and spills over, especially during any jars and bumps. Always close the fuel cap tightly after you’ve pumped in fuel and if your fuel inlet looks wet or is leaking, get the leak-proof rubber gasket changed immediately. red-car-pictures-4
  5. Pump up the tires: Underinflated tires lower your car’s fuel economy, as do tires well past their changing date. Underinflated tires mean lesser friction so the car engine has to work all that much harder to keep the car going at the same speed.

Tuning up the engine, replacing air filters and oil once every 3-4 months, ensuring spark plugs are functioning at their optimum and regularly checking other parts that need changing due to wear and tear will keep your vehicle running smoothly and at an optimum this will keep the emissions low and thus save you fuel.

Also do remember, idling for more than 30 seconds is wasting fuel and killing the environment. You don’t have to turn off during every 5-second traffic light but if it’s a train crossing you’re stuck at, it’s advisable to switch off the ignition and just wait it out.

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  1. Click the link below
  2. Select the type of Insurance you’d like
  3. Enter your email address and phone number( Confidential)
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Lets Take care of our Rides as we Save Money!!



Stop telling yourself you can’t!

Wanting to take a risk and taking the risk are two different things. The fact that your mind has thought about it means there’s a possibility that it can be actualized to reality if the correct factors are put in place.


I was applying for an interview and they had a section for ‘how well do you cope with pressure?’

This question got me thinking of all the things I do when am under pressure, which one of them is honestly “time out!” is this the right thing to do…..No.

Pressure is often brought by; doubt from other people, work overload, over thinking, when a lot is expected from you and much more. Do you believe the pressure is worth it? The desire to get to that position and level you always wanted? Can you multitask and be proactive in the assigned field? Will the results of the pressure be satisfactory to you?


Given a chance to telepath people you’d be surprised to see how much their brains can absorb and accumulate. Most of us are not where our minds visualize because we are afraid to try and not ready to take the risk. My dad tells me ‘life is not rehearsal it’s a one off thing’. My question to you is; for how long will the paradise in your head always be in your head? When will you be you and live your dream. Other people have….so why not you?





If you don’t play you can’t win.





Balancing Time And Dollar

My previous article on intellectual knowledge exposure got me thinking; what, where and whom should I be spending my money on, in my 20’s?
Life is a learning curve equated by experience meaning, there should be visible change in every stage and step of growth. Growth itself comes in different ways, it can be intellectual, behavior and mannerism, monetary, physical and the most definite type which is age. Not everyone is able to balance each one of them and have a perfect chart flow. Flaws are inevitable but that doesn’t mean they cannot be improved and worked on, at the end of the day NOBODY IS PERFECT.

To all those like me, “20’s era” I can help us work on one type of growth, Monetary or Financial growth. I am a serious ‘spender!’ when it comes to money. Anything I like I will buy. But is it right? In my opinion it is WRONG! Buying everything you like only leads you to acquiring items that you barely use or need. So (to you and I) stop it! I know it’s a working process, but try taming yourself to purchasing items you really need at that particular time and in the long run. For example, I watched a session of Caroline Mutoko’ s life lessons on YouTube and she stated; for ladies, there is use of having 10 handbags that you keep on switching from time to time. Buy one handbag that will be useful and multi-purpose hence save yourself the hustle of forgetting documents and other stuff in a different bag.



SAVING! OMG this word is and has been preached everywhere!  Dawm it used to get on my nerves! Why do people tell us to save but don’t give an executed interesting plan. Others tell us to save 50% others 40% of what you earn…bla …bla… bla. With a particular interest annually…. bla…bla…bla, thankyou… it’s good but boring. (We are young, make it fun!)

So…Below is how to manage your finances in your 20’s, THE 50-30-20 RULE.
50% – allocate this amount to your living. I.e. all the definite, constant bills you have to pay. E.g. rent
30% – Look fancy, go out with friends, shop!!, take bae out, buy adidas and Jordan’s, Rolex’s and m.k. in this 30% I can tell you honey SPEND THE MONEY!!!
20% -This is little right, save it. Put it in a bank or a Sacco. It will help you later.


Let us make this rule a habit, then as time goes by we start looking at where we can invest. The above rule is in assumption that you’ve already deducted the 10% meant for tithe.


“Opportunities are like sunrise, if you wait for too long you might miss them.”




Ever sat in a group of people talking and you try to get into to the conversation but you can’t. It’s not because what they are talking about is not interesting or its total gibberish, but it’s because you don’t know anything about what they are talking about.


There is one thing that really gets my attention, and it’s this; a group of men on a few drinks, talking and arguing business, actual facts, sometimes politics, and trendy issues. I fell intrigued to join such a conversation because to me it proves that he has a mind of his own and can speak for himself and most of all he is knowledgeable. Well, anyone can give an opinion on anything, but how enlightened are they about it? Can you go on…. and on….. And on, and make 80% of the population is like “oh yeah”


Am sure you might have a different opinion on this, why? Simply because you know not every clique of guys sited together over a few drinks always talk about meaningful things. Others talk about ladies, who slept with who, bla bla bla… answer for that I didn’t say guys I referenced men.

For one to be able to express their thoughts and opinion based on a particular subject I believe you must have at least read about it. All this sometimes comes down to what you do with your time and how well you utilize it, the people you associate with hence engaging your mind in different and new activities.
Did you know you can raise your intellectual quotient in a week? This means that you can be able to sit in that table and talk like a man or like a lady with her own money and more so brains. (Article for another day).

My point for today is engage in positive things and people that make you better. Read something, buy a newspaper not to show other men and women that you have a pile of papers with lots of ink and information on your arms, but because you need it and want to read it. Just remember at the end of the day, it your choice, maybe this is lame for you and I have offended you, honestly am sorry, really sorry for you. although “If you do not edify my life, I do not need you” should be words that you can tell people and more so mean them.



“In the world of Google ignorance is a choice”

Continue reading “THINK ABOUT IT…”

100 or Nothing!

Ever tried to do something but you never complete? Or you give up along the way?


I tend to be impatient like all the time, a weakness am trying to work on, but it has helped me learn the hard way. Losing something when you are so close to getting it sucks! But you cant realize that you are because you are blinded by what is ahead and fail to work on the small details.

index 1

“The end of something is much more important than the beginning” words my mom tells me all the time. They make a lot of sense, if you sit down and think about it.

If you want to do something or achieve a goal give it time to grow, take every step at a time. Do not be overwhelmed by the little achievements that come with it, if you are not yet there keep on working.


One last thing be ready to give it 100 or nothing at all. The results are priceless.



“value has its value, only if its value is valued”






Imperfection is beautiful, embrace it.

Imperfection: a small flaw or bad part; the state of being imperfect; lack of perfection. Everyone has flaws and imperfection that we are supposed to accept and embrace otherwise we will be subject to having self esteem issues.

But one question lingers in my mind can it be rectified?  For women I can say that we are lucky as we have very many available products to compliment us and hide our flaws. Some flaws are beautiful for example a birthmark on your nose (my personal opinion) and many more.


What would happen if we all wailed about our imperfections and how bad they are? How much it makes us look bad or prohibits us from doing something?


Did you know you can work on it, not to get rid of it, but to make it one of your strong points. How can you/we do this?

Ø Start by identifying your flaw.
Identify your flaw. This is the first step to know how best to deal and complement it.

Ø Love your flaw and make fun about it.
Have fun with your flaw. If it is short ugly hair, when you get home get rid of the long fake hair and have fun with the short bad hair, break as many combs as you can, laugh about it, this will boost your self esteem.

Ø Improve on your flaw.
It is not a must you put on long, heavy fake weaves and wigs to hide it. Go to the salon, do something interesting with it, dye your hair, make it naturally ragged. Point is improve on it.

Ø Embrace it and share it with the world .
Having improved on it, share it with the world. You might be surprised how many people will follow suit because they liked it, better yet loved it.


Ø Use it to the best of your interest.
Flaunt it every day, play around with it. Always put on a big smile when you have it. It will give everyone a whole different perspective about you.

Ø Always have a positive mindset about your actions.
After improving on your flaws be positive about them. Remember you do not need anyone’s approval to tell you that it is great; your confidence will tell it all.


“Don’t be afraid to be different, that’s what makes the world an interesting place”

Small Apartment Decor: A Guide to Decorating With Mirror

Small Apartment Decor A Guide to Decorating With Mirrors

That’s not to say that little apartments are bad, though! For some people they’re the perfect size, and they often have a natural warmth and coziness that bigger spaces can sometimes lack. But they can also seem a bit … well, cramped. The great news is that there’s a certain type of decoration that can make your place seem a lot more spacious. Here’s a guide to decorating with mirrors in a small apartment:

Utilize Natural Light

One of the tried-and-true tactics interior designers use when decorating with mirrors is placing them across from windows. This does two things: One, it reflects the outdoors, which makes the room appear much bigger (and much less claustrophobic).

Small Apartment Decor A Guide to Decorating With Mirrors - Utilize Natural Light

And two, it reflects the natural light  that the window is letting in, flooding the space with even more sunshine than is shining in from the single window. This additional brightness makes the apartment seem bigger and airier, and it can even positively affect your mood.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

When decorating with mirrors, there’s really no such thing as too big. The bigger your mirror, the more of the room it reflects, and the bigger your room looks. So, really, big mirrors are a great option.

Small Apartment Decor A Guide to Decorating With Mirrors - Don't Be Afraid to Go Big

Try placing a framed floor-length mirror on one wall and using it as a focal point for your decorating scheme.

Know What You’re Reflecting

One of the only real rules there are when decorating with mirrors is to be aware of its placement– keep in mind what it will be reflecting. You don’t want to hang a mirror only to find that you can now see the toilet from your living room when your bathroom door is open.

Small Apartment Decor A Guide to Decorating With Mirrors - Know What You're Reflecting

Make sure it’s reflecting a window, a wall, a piece of art, or something else you’ll enjoy looking at.

Put One In Your Entryway

Entryways are a really common spot for mirrors.

Small Apartment Decor A Guide to Decorating With Mirrors - Put One in Your Entryway

Why? Decorators agree that they have a welcoming effect, probably because they reflect the light in the room, which will naturally makes any entryway brighter.


Socialites! the ‘illest’ thing right now huh! Ladies showing it off if you have it…….others even if they don’t have it……… well, wait…….why aren’t there male socialites?? Ever thought about that? Like ones that are just showing off their “stuff” like all of it. Maybe I have not done enough research, but I don’t have anyone I can point my finger at.


Girls, everyone is pretty, yes even you are pretty! Even if  you think nobody looks at you more than three times… me you are the one who is too blind to see it. You don’t need to post naked pictures of yourself to get the attention you think you need. ‘Sexy is a state of mind”. If you think you are sexy and good-looking, that you have that body, nothing else matters. I permit you to look at yourself in the mirror all you want, pull the craziest stunts with heels on,anything you want to do, but that’s your own art. NOT FOR THE WORLD!

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit therefore making us realize our nakedness. Now that,… that was done, we can’t change it. What would happen if everyone would walk naked on the streets? My best friend and I tend to talk about a lot of things, this being one of them, we concluded it would be ugly, and everyone would search for something to cover up.


I happened to be scrolling through my instagram and I came across a stripper who amazed me, I just had to follow her. She said that if she had a choice to do something better stripping wouldn’t be the optimal choice. She went to add that small girls should stop being stupid and posting nudes and nasty videos for niggers, they should instead go to school, study and get a descent job. What more should i say……


Just because you have it all it ain’t a must you show everybody, and just because you trying to get attention, it doesn’t mean you strip! People will just like and comment.Thinking the comments are overwhelming and good….girl they are just referring to you as a whore!! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!!…..anyone interested will see you have it all.


“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”

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