Socialites! the ‘illest’ thing right now huh! Ladies showing it off if you have it…….others even if they don’t have it……… well, wait…….why aren’t there male socialites?? Ever thought about that? Like ones that are just showing off their “stuff” like all of it. Maybe I have not done enough research, but I don’t have anyone I can point my finger at.


Girls, everyone is pretty, yes even you are pretty! Even if  you think nobody looks at you more than three times… me you are the one who is too blind to see it. You don’t need to post naked pictures of yourself to get the attention you think you need. ‘Sexy is a state of mind”. If you think you are sexy and good-looking, that you have that body, nothing else matters. I permit you to look at yourself in the mirror all you want, pull the craziest stunts with heels on,anything you want to do, but that’s your own art. NOT FOR THE WORLD!

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit therefore making us realize our nakedness. Now that,… that was done, we can’t change it. What would happen if everyone would walk naked on the streets? My best friend and I tend to talk about a lot of things, this being one of them, we concluded it would be ugly, and everyone would search for something to cover up.


I happened to be scrolling through my instagram and I came across a stripper who amazed me, I just had to follow her. She said that if she had a choice to do something better stripping wouldn’t be the optimal choice. She went to add that small girls should stop being stupid and posting nudes and nasty videos for niggers, they should instead go to school, study and get a descent job. What more should i say……


Just because you have it all it ain’t a must you show everybody, and just because you trying to get attention, it doesn’t mean you strip! People will just like and comment.Thinking the comments are overwhelming and good….girl they are just referring to you as a whore!! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!!…..anyone interested will see you have it all.


“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”