Balancing Time And Dollar

My previous article on intellectual knowledge exposure got me thinking; what, where and whom should I be spending my money on, in my 20’s?
Life is a learning curve equated by experience meaning, there should be visible change in every stage and step of growth. Growth itself comes in different ways, it can be intellectual, behavior and mannerism, monetary, physical and the most definite type which is age. Not everyone is able to balance each one of them and have a perfect chart flow. Flaws are inevitable but that doesn’t mean they cannot be improved and worked on, at the end of the day NOBODY IS PERFECT.

To all those like me, “20’s era” I can help us work on one type of growth, Monetary or Financial growth. I am a serious ‘spender!’ when it comes to money. Anything I like I will buy. But is it right? In my opinion it is WRONG! Buying everything you like only leads you to acquiring items that you barely use or need. So (to you and I) stop it! I know it’s a working process, but try taming yourself to purchasing items you really need at that particular time and in the long run. For example, I watched a session of Caroline Mutoko’ s life lessons on YouTube and she stated; for ladies, there is use of having 10 handbags that you keep on switching from time to time. Buy one handbag that will be useful and multi-purpose hence save yourself the hustle of forgetting documents and other stuff in a different bag.



SAVING! OMG this word is and has been preached everywhere!  Dawm it used to get on my nerves! Why do people tell us to save but don’t give an executed interesting plan. Others tell us to save 50% others 40% of what you earn…bla …bla… bla. With a particular interest annually…. bla…bla…bla, thankyou… it’s good but boring. (We are young, make it fun!)

So…Below is how to manage your finances in your 20’s, THE 50-30-20 RULE.
50% – allocate this amount to your living. I.e. all the definite, constant bills you have to pay. E.g. rent
30% – Look fancy, go out with friends, shop!!, take bae out, buy adidas and Jordan’s, Rolex’s and m.k. in this 30% I can tell you honey SPEND THE MONEY!!!
20% -This is little right, save it. Put it in a bank or a Sacco. It will help you later.


Let us make this rule a habit, then as time goes by we start looking at where we can invest. The above rule is in assumption that you’ve already deducted the 10% meant for tithe.


“Opportunities are like sunrise, if you wait for too long you might miss them.”