Imperfection: a small flaw or bad part; the state of being imperfect; lack of perfection. Everyone has flaws and imperfection that we are supposed to accept and embrace otherwise we will be subject to having self esteem issues.

But one question lingers in my mind can it be rectified?  For women I can say that we are lucky as we have very many available products to compliment us and hide our flaws. Some flaws are beautiful for example a birthmark on your nose (my personal opinion) and many more.


What would happen if we all wailed about our imperfections and how bad they are? How much it makes us look bad or prohibits us from doing something?


Did you know you can work on it, not to get rid of it, but to make it one of your strong points. How can you/we do this?

Ø Start by identifying your flaw.
Identify your flaw. This is the first step to know how best to deal and complement it.

Ø Love your flaw and make fun about it.
Have fun with your flaw. If it is short ugly hair, when you get home get rid of the long fake hair and have fun with the short bad hair, break as many combs as you can, laugh about it, this will boost your self esteem.

Ø Improve on your flaw.
It is not a must you put on long, heavy fake weaves and wigs to hide it. Go to the salon, do something interesting with it, dye your hair, make it naturally ragged. Point is improve on it.

Ø Embrace it and share it with the world .
Having improved on it, share it with the world. You might be surprised how many people will follow suit because they liked it, better yet loved it.


Ø Use it to the best of your interest.
Flaunt it every day, play around with it. Always put on a big smile when you have it. It will give everyone a whole different perspective about you.

Ø Always have a positive mindset about your actions.
After improving on your flaws be positive about them. Remember you do not need anyone’s approval to tell you that it is great; your confidence will tell it all.


“Don’t be afraid to be different, that’s what makes the world an interesting place”