What are your weaknesses? A question that most interviewers ask an interviewee.  This question has been rehearsed by many yet passed by very few. People often fail to understand its objective and how to use it to their advantage.

A weakness is a feature or a quality regarded as a disadvantage or fault. It also means a person or thing that one is unable to resist or likes excessively.  Therefore should you state your weakness as a problem or as something that can be fixed? For example, is making sure everything is perfect a weakness or should weaknesses always be of the negative side? I believe your weaknesses should be a positive fault that will add more value to your personality than reduce it hence setting yourbar a notch higher to getting that job.

Stepping outside the interview room, how well do you relate to people and control your weakness around them? People are differentiated by characters and different personalities. There are four types of personalities; sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. The difference between your character and your temperament is as follows;
ü Your parents habits, preferences and values
ü The “norms” of your society in expressing love and hate
ü What your relatives considered to be normal and accepted
ü What was considered dangerous
ü What was considered funny
ü Plus many other cultural aspects.

The sanguine type

This type is characterized by spontaneity, optimism, enthusiasm, high energy, mental flexibility, novelty seeking, impulsiveness and curiosity. These people often have very expressive faces and love using words like “adventure”, “energy”, “new”, “fun”, “active” and “travel”.
The phlegmatic type
They are mainly defined by their social skills, such as their ability to express themselves and read other people face expressions and body language. They do well in connecting facts and seeing “the big picture” their favorite words are “passion”, “passionate”, “sensitive” and “sweet”.
The choleric type

They are direct, focused, tough, analytical, logical and strategic. They have a great deal of courage and like to compete, often against each other. They love to use words like “intellect”, “ambition” and “challenge”, “values” and “morals”.

The melancholic type
They tend to claim. Loyal, and orderly, just as their personality name sounds. They are cautious and conventional. Their favorite words are “family”, “loyal”, respect”, “caring”.


A very beautiful lady one day, not so long ago confronted me about something and ended saying this words “…people always see my looks and my body and see that am perfect but what they don’t know is that despite all this, I have self esteem issues…” . I felt sorry for her……

Should one go telling others about your weakness especially the negative ones? The answer is NO! As stated above people have different temperaments therefore meaning that some of them will understand you and help you work o it, others will shut you down and laugh at you and others will downright use you. You should learn who to talk to and what you tell them. Not everyone is as loyal as you think.



“Nothing is fair anymore you need to wake up and protect your own”



Happiness is an emotion everyone wants to experience, share and show to others all the time. The sad part is it’s not always constant. Frustrations and anger tend to disrupt this making people shout, scream, and run away, bringing about depression and to others even breaking things. I wish I can lie and tell you that you will always be happy, but I can’t. Although I help you explore the misfortunes of anger.


Anger or wrath is an intense emotional response. It is a normal emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation. Often it indicates when ones basic boundaries are violated. Anger may be utilized effectively by setting boundaries or escaping from dangers situations. The external expression of anger can be found in facial expressions, body language, physiological responses, and at times in public acts of aggression.


Every day we wake up hoping that this new day is going to be bright, sunny and lovely. Hoping to meet happy people and smiley faces, but not until everyone walks in the office all gloomy, serious with varying ranging tones and self centered. This shutters your happy mood welcoming you to their world. (I now understand why receptionists are always in a bad mood). Well, not everyone will love and appreciate the fact that you are happy, leave alone the curiosity of knowing what makes you happy. To me I think that is okay because as long as it is in you, that’s final.


Anger consumes a lot of energy. Brings about frowned faces, a million thoughts running through your mind, inability to focus on what matters, unwelcoming attitudes and the most of all, makes you ugly. Frown faces make one have folds on their foreheads, wrinkling faces hence bringing an aging effect. Energy used during anger can be remarkably transformed into very useful things. Just think about it.


If nobody understands your happiness, that’s their own problem. You don’t have to explain to people who don’t care the reasons why. Happiness is the best thing one can ever have. Sometimes it’s rare to find but once you have it, don’t let it go. Learn to let go of things quickly, and forgive others for what they might have done to you. If that’s nearly impossible, search for productive ways of getting over things. You can work out, take long showers, sing out loud to your best jams, listen to lousy music, take a walk, and cook anything provided it’s healthy.



“If it doesn’t make you happy or money, don’t make time for it”


Women empowerment is one of the most trending forums right now. Having attended some of them lately, it has been inspiring, motivating and empowering. Time has changed when all women used to do was cook, clean, wash and give birth. Women are now taking up leadership positions, owning their own companies, building brands and managing huge businesses (more like becoming sharks).


Do not get me wrong, this does not mean that we are ruling over men. In reference to the Bible and times of creation, “woman was created to be a helper to man” I totally agree. This therefore means that everything left constant, women respect and appreciate the existence of men, their hard work and place in the society and especially in the family. Although that should not be the reason as to why they should not wake up and work as hard as men, or better yet twice as men.


“Educate a girl and you have changed the society at large” words I have heard before that now make sense to me. Educating one girl in the society gives the probability that she will also educate her children and so on and so forth. This entirely means change in the society at large. She will have influence over the environment, not only improving herself as a person but also others around her.

Women are known to react to what they are told rather than what they believe. How exactly? Well, in the morning when a man wakes up, he believes that he is a winner and that alone is enough to make his day and livelihood better. But as for a lady, she wakes up hoping that someone will tell her that she can make it, that she is beautiful and looks amazing. So I thought to myself, what if all ladies woke up believing that they can make it, without waiting for anybody’s approval? Having someone who believes in them would be an added advantage, as this would help them build their confidence day by day.


Multitasking is one God given talent to ladies. My advice would be, organize yourself and use this talent to the best of your ability and you will be amazed by the results. If a lady can cook, and breastfeed a baby at the same time, what more can she do?

It’s a high time we transform attitudes, do more than expected, support each other both as women and men and better yet break the glass ceiling. It’s time we get out of the noand show the world that we too, can do it. Do not be afraid to show people the skill you have, maybe that is what the world has been waiting for all along.




Killing Morning Blues

Early morning motivation can be a tricky thing to find, but once you begin to practice it, it becomes second nature. While it may seem strange and unnatural at first, it quickly becomes a habit that is easily integrated into your everyday life.

I am not sure if am the only one who sets the alarm 15 minutes before the actual alarm time, awaiting a loud noisy cranky sound of the morning alarm.  It’s with no doubt you are in the mood of throwing your alarm off the window or just smashing it into pieces (trust me, I know that feeling).


Some of us have tried so many things, including; not using the snooze button as much as possible, waking up immediately the alarm goes off, setting the most annoying song as your alarm tone,  waking up several times at night to make sure you don’t fall into deep sleep and much more. Well, what can we do about it? Can we change this situation? Let’s try out a few things together……

Plan on what you want to wear the next day. Most of the time we wake up and feel like going back to sleep as we have no clue about what we are going to put on. Start by looking at what is lined up for the next day. How many meetings do you have? Are you going out on a field work? The most important of them all…. what mood are you in? Is it sexy official, super focused, nerdy, CEO type of look, fun and dressed down? Keep this in mind; you should have fun while doing this. After making your choice, iron them nicely and place them somewhere you’ll see them among the first things, when you wake up.

Change your alarm tone from loud noisy cranky song to something you love. The brain has been created to absorb our attitudes and reacts to what we feed it. Having a lousy alarm tone just messes you up, change it to something that will make you smile in the morning. One that will make your sleep fade away.

Read/listen to motivational materials. One of the best ways to ignite the spirit of endless possibilities is to devour some motivational material. Whether it may be in form of a book, audio book or podcast, inspirational songs to quotes written on your wall. This will drive your day as you will always remember it.


Exercise. There are immense benefits to exercising in the morning. First, it raises your metabolism which helps to burn calories all day. Second, it starts the day with a positive accomplishment.


Have fun in the shower; meditate. The bathroom is one of my best places to meditate. As the water drips and flows through your body, your mind tends to think the impossible. Having read or listened to something motivational, it’s your moment to rule the world with your imagination. Sing, bust a few moves, talk to yourself and practice the speech you are to deliver later in the day.

Take time to look good. Dressing, I believe now it’s easier since the clothes are ready. What you are left to do now is brush your hair, make sure your makeup is done right, fix your tie, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Don’t forget whoever you see on the other side, that’s your competition.


Take healthy breakfast. “Strive for five”. That means, try to include at least 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein in every breakfast. Example, two slices of French toast with whole grain bread and one egg with a cup of low-fat milk. You can later have coffee during mid morning hours.



And …


You want it? HOW BADLY….

Nobody wants to be poor. That’s obvious. But still, we get to find people in that situation. Can it be changed? Can it be avoided? What causes poverty?

Statistics from The Global Issues state that almost half the world –over three billion people –live on less than $2.50 a day, where the poorest 40 percent of the world’s population accounts for 5 percent of global income. The richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income.  It further states that, more than 80 percent of the world’s population live in countries where income differentials are widening.  

Poverty is a well known topic, whether you come from a big power (developed countries e.g. USA) or a small power country (developing countries e.g. most African countries), or at least you must have heard or better yet read about it. There are very many well known causes of poverty in a country including; diseases (HIV, malaria etc) unavailability of water, food, healthy sanitation, lack of education, overpopulation, high levels of dependency and last but not least having a culture of poverty.

I love science and its complexity. It explains very small things using enormous terms and philosophies that are probably boring to 7% out of 10% of a given population. Only because one has to read and look into facts, where one fact leads to another connecting about 10,000,000 of them together to give a simple answer. What does this tell us……we are lazy!!!! (Well, maybe I might have exaggerated about the figure) but that doesn’t change the fact that we are lazy!!!!

The above given facts on poverty give an overview of the whole, I would like to focus on you (individual). Poverty is sometimes caused by having a culture of poverty. I bet we can all agree that this can be terminated if all of us worked hard and believed in ourselves as well as others.

Everybody has a dream, wants to live in a big house, flaunt lots of money around like every day is payday, it’s okay. Question is how hard are you working towards this???  Are you always pushed around to accomplish simple tasks? Do you hand in your bosses’ documents 3 days after the deadline or 3 days before the deadline? What time do you wake up? Do you always have excuses for not doing things? What time do you sleep? Is your mind a routine oriented or are you open to change? Must you be monitored? Are the people around you guiding you towards your dream or are you just wasting time watching and helping them live theirs? Are you hanging with the right caliber? (Are you an acquaintance or ‘a real nagger in the squad’?)

The dream is free……The journey is not! You have exactly what it takes to get to where you want to be, only if you stop pointing with thirst and fantasizing about what you want, but wake up, kick ass and work towards it. If it means waking up early and sleeping at weird hours of the night, I believe it’s going to be worth it.

Motivation is what gets you started.   Habit is what keeps you going.

‘No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is. Our graves will always be the same depth. Stay humble’


Sadly our 3 day tour ends today. Having known the importance of suits and how best they should fit, from different lengths to how to button and much more. Today it’s all about having fun by adding allegiance to the suit.


There are different ways to accessorize your suit. How a suit is accessorized can either make it better or totally bad and wrong. There are different ways to accessorize your suit;

Neck ware

Neck ware not only compliments the outfit, but it adds a whole lot of panache to your look and personality. Now depending on the type of neck ware, it could either convey an aura of classicism or of casual elegance. That’s the beauty with neck ware, that one piece of material around your neck…determines the mood you are in. So have fun and experiment with neck ware, and don’t just limit it to suits……wear them casually as well! We have different types of neck ware;



When choosing a tie, make sure that you have a particular suit and shirt in mind to match. If you are wearing a black (or navy) suit with a white shirt and attending more conserved functions, then a solid black tie is always the number one choice. fun dinners and parties leave more room for colored and patterned ties. consider dots, stripes, or other bold patterns. But keep in mind, when venturing out to patterns and vibrant colors, always ensure that it is not pulling away from both the suit and shirt, it should in fact enhance them both.Finally wear a skinny suit with an equally modern suit. Always buy silk ties, anything else will look cheap!


A solid and rich looking bow-tie is a must for formal occasion. Black, navy blue will do the trick. Now, for daytime wear, the rule is that it must be patterned. Always shop for dots, stripes pr paisley. Colors should be sober and darker in tone. One can wear a bow-tie with a sharp, slim-fit suit for an on-trend cut with an eccentric dash. They can prep-up plain spring outfits of short-sleeved shirts, tailored shorts and blazers.


Ascot’s have a comfortable yet polished look, and are a lightly inventive and rather unusual way to accessorize. To tie an Ascot, pull the Ascot around the back of your neck as you would a tie. Allow the left end to hang a little more than two inches longer than the right. Wrap the left end one and a half times over the right. Continue around, as if you were going to complete a second turn, but push the left end up, through the neck loop, so it emerges over the top. Make the top flap the only visible portion of the Ascot, and spread this cascade out a bit at the sides. There should be small creases in the Ascot. Ascot’s can be worn with most formal wear, including tuxedos, button-down shirts, and blazers.

Foot wear (shoes)

BGN0CYD_mnMost men treat foot wear as an afterthought, which naturally risks derailing even the most carefully considered outfit. Before even thinking about a tie and shirt combination, a man should take stock of what is going on his feet. Foot wear will elevate your look from plain-looking to spectacular. Black footwear can go with virtually any color suit you wear, the other color the most suits will accept is brown/burgundy, with the expectation of a black suit. the darker the shade the more formal the shoe. For slimmer fit suit, ensure that your footwear is slim as well.

Cuff links

mcl906sgo_a_pMen cuff links are some of the most underrated pieces of men’s fashion on the market today. They are a great way to show character and to convey your personality. Look for a color that matches your skin color and your shirt, although your options for color are limited to silver and gold so it shouldn’t be too hard for you.


Men’s belts are such a simple accessory you wouldn’t think choosing them requires much thought. Now one thing that needs to be stated, bid buckles do NOTHING to the outfit. In fact they ruin the look of it, especially on a slim fitted suit. they don’t look good on a suit or casually. A black/brown reversible belt is a cost-effective and perfectly acceptable choice for your wardrobe.

The pocket square

classic_pocket_square_thumbIt is a pocket square handkerchief used for purely decorative purposes. There are different ways of folding a pocket square. Each method produces a different effect which can be chosen to match the occasion. Folds are given flamboyant names such as presidential, the one, two, three, or four point folds and the puff. Each are designed to look different when placed in the top pocket. It is very rare to wear a square in a business environment, due to the fact that it creates an informal impression. However of worn to a board meeting, the more subtle and discreet square would be appropriate.


when it comes to socks tone it down. The color of socks you wear should be the same as the color of your pants/trouser. Keep it black to dark grey if you don’t have plenty of colored socks. Socks should fit right, they should not drop and sag all the time. It ruins a great look. Ankle socks a definite NO when it comes to suits.


Luxury Brand Watches Male fashion casual quartz watch Classi genuine Leather Strap men wristwatch relogio masculino montre homme(China (Mainland))

A watch adds elegance to the of the suit. makes one look classic and important. Don’t get it twisted and put on all the wrist accessories you have in the house, the few the better. If you don’t have a watch, a simple wrist accessory, vintage, classy or loyal bracelet is acceptable.

Thank you for joining me through the suit tour, am looking forward to seeing  more  elegant. well fitted and accessorized suit maniacs.



Every man can look good in a suit ONLY if its fits right. I believe every man should own at least one piece of suit because at one point you will need it. But how about i turn you into a suit maniac in a few……  although if you’re really about to get any benefit out of having your suits adjusted, you need to know a little bit about tailors and the kinds of adjustments they can (and can’t)  make. You also need to know what a “Good Fit” looks like.

When trying on a suit, you need to stand up straight, preferably in the kind of shoe you will wear with the suit with your arms relaxed at your side. I know this is not a natural position for all of us, but it is the base from which most of our movement flow. If the suit doesn’t fit well in this instance, it’s not going to move comfortably with your body either. This are some of the areas that make a perfect fit:

The shoulder.

A well fitted shoulder should lie flat, where the seam of the shoulder be the same length as the bone under it. This therefore means that, the seam should meet the sleeve of the suit right where your arms meet your shoulder. Shoulders are one of the hardest part to adjust after construction, so don’t but a piece with an ill-fitted shoulder.

Jacket closure

When wearing a suit and standing. you should always have the jacket/blazer buttoned (remember day 1’s rule). When testing the fit of a blazer/ jacket, always close only one button even if it’s a three buttoned jacket. This is to check whether the two sides meet neatly without the lapels hanging forward off your body (too loose) or the lower edges of the jacket flare out like a skirt (too tight).


Blazer/ jacket sleeve length.

This is the length of the arm sleeve. one thing you need to be sure about is that the sleeve should not rise above the cuff entirely. The seam where the shirt cuff joins the shirt sleeve should never be visible. The same way the jacket sleeve should never hide the shirt sleeve entirely, at least a small band of shirt cuff should be seen.


Jacket length

How do you know if your jacket is too long or too short? A good jacket should fall past the waist and drape over the top of the curve formed by the trousers back (butt). The hands are also a good indicator, the hem of the jacket should hit right around the middle of your hand-at or just past where the fingers meet the palm.


Jacket collar

Your jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar, which in turn should rest against the back of your neck…..all of these should touch slightly otherwise it will be too tight.


Trouser break/ allowance of the trouser.

This is the wrinkle caused when the top of your shoe stops your trouser cuff from falling to its full length.The trouser can fall a touch longer in the back than in front, so long as it’s still above the heel of the shoe. Wait…don’t get it twisted ( the actual heel, not just the back of the shoe).


The seat.

A good fit in the seat will lie loosely against your underwear, without pulling too tight against your butt or draping loosely down your thighs.


preview : DAY 3 : ACCESSORIES

What accessories should accompany an elegant suit? Are the accessories too much? Is a watch a necessity or not? A slim tie or not?


This is a 3 day tour about suits and everything that goes with it……accessories, color, occasion, fitting, statement, objective etc.


Prominence and elegance go hand in hand if you get it right. A perfectly fitted suit with the right accessories adds value to your personality and at times building a new persona on the already existing one. Different suits send different messages depending on the color of the suit, how well it fits you, the occasion, and the key most important accompaniment ; the SHOE.
By now we should all know that the suit undoubtedly makes a man. But have you wondered what makes the suit?  Even the world’s most expensive suit will look bad if it isn’t tailored to the contours of your body.

Not even the most ardent believers in equality or the notion that a book cannot be judged by its cover can reasonably refute the power of an amazing suit to make you look your best. We draw several conclusions about others within seconds of first meeting them, conclusions we will find hard to shake in the future, even if we see evidence to disprove them. Yet, when these conclusions are positive ones, when through our appearance we send visual cues that people receive in a positive light, something amazing happens, what researchers term as “halo effect”

‘ According to the halo effect when people pick up visual messages and cues from your appearance, they will assume that other aspects about you are equally as positive. this snowball effect has the capacity to transform your life, and you can get it rolling simply by looking your best.’
 A well fitted suit should preferably be tailored, but if not , that doesn’t mean that you cannot look elegant on a ready made piece. All you have to do, is take it to a tailor whom you are aware of his/her skills. Then you’ll look like you spent a person’s lifetime savings on your outfit…..when you really didn’t.
There are a few basics rules about suits:
  • Your tie bar should never be wider than your tie.

Image result for suits and fittings

  • The difference between classic and cliche is often in the material. (choose material according to your skin color and occasion)
  • Always unfasten your jacket buttons when you sit. No exceptions.

Image result for suits and fittings

  • Never fasten the bottom of a double-breasted jacket (unless it has only a single row of buttons).
  • Avoid over-accessorizing. If you’re already wearing a pocket square and a tie bar, you’ll want to reconsider that clever lapel pin.

Image result for suits and fittings


  • Save yourself some embarrassment: Always remove the stitching on the vents and the label on the left sleeve before wearing a new suit.

Image result for suits and fittings

  • It’s fine to flip up the collar of a casual cotton jacket, but when you’re dressed more formally (say, in a black suit), you should always leave the collar down.
  • Tailoring your pants a little bit short will add distinctiveness to your simple look. Although too shorts will definitely look shady.
  • If your suits has too much going on in terms of the material and the shade of the suit, keep your accessories to its minimum.
  • When you go without a tie, it’s best to keep your shirt collar on the smaller side.(your collar should be short.

Image result for suits and fittings

  • Some think three-pieces are stodgy, but when the waistcoat is cut close to the body and hemmed to the belt line, you’ll look slim and modern.
  • Image result for suits and fittings
  • Your socks should always match the color of your suit/pants.
  • Big buckle belts are a definite NO when it comes to a well fitting suit.


How to know the perfect fit? The length of your coat, types of suits. Are your pants too tight or too loose? Which tie should you wear? How long should your pants?


A question that everyone has an answer to. Most people start by; my names are….I own several companies one being… which is the biggest company in the country, that is making crazy profits….currently staying at….or working in an enthusiastic company…where am the….driving a ….oh and nobody misses this punch line ‘am very hardworking’, even though we know some us are super lazy (but its okay) and lots more.

How true is your answer? Would it go hand in hand with your character and what you do? How you treat people, what you wear? To the small and minor things like eating habits, do you recycle socks? How clean is your kitchen? How often do you change your beddings? What’s your best dish? At the end of a busy working day… how clean is your shoe? And much more…..

Pride and arrogance are masks that gives people the confidence to push others around and face different things. Trend nowadays is wearing brands and fashion house clothing that is classic, making you a classic man/lady (I agree), where, every dress code makes a statement eg. Sleeping on Versace, carrying Louis vuitton etc.

Appearances are just that! (What people see) Wearing a mask wears you out! The problem is that when you wear that mask for too long, you forget who you are beneath. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren’t. You have to be real with yourself before you can be real with anyone else.

Making sense of the brains mind-boggling complexity isn’t easy. What we do know is that it’s the organ that makes us human, giving people the capacity for art, language, moral judgments and rational thought. It’s responsible for each individuals personality, memories, movements, and how we sense the world. It is nevertheless, one of the body’s biggest organs, consisting of some 100 billion nerve cells that only put together thoughts and highly coordinated physical actions that regulate our unconscious body processes such as digestion and breathing.

In conclusion, what remains of you when; money, the pride, painted confidence, genuine kindness, arrogance, sexy attractive body, fancy watch, shoes, clothes, the perspective you’ve painted on people’s heads and faces about you, not forgetting the car and everything else? …………………………… is what is inside your head. Your BRAIN!

If everything was deducted out, would your brain and intelligence fight for you or would you be empty, stupid, useless and pathetic? You have a choice of constantly upgrading it, or degrading it consistently. THAT’S WHO YOU ARE. (YOUR MIND AND ITS OPERATIONS!)

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