Ever sat in a group of people talking and you try to get into to the conversation but you can’t. It’s not because what they are talking about is not interesting or its total gibberish, but it’s because you don’t know anything about what they are talking about.


There is one thing that really gets my attention, and it’s this; a group of men on a few drinks, talking and arguing business, actual facts, sometimes politics, and trendy issues. I fell intrigued to join such a conversation because to me it proves that he has a mind of his own and can speak for himself and most of all he is knowledgeable. Well, anyone can give an opinion on anything, but how enlightened are they about it? Can you go on…. and on….. And on, and make 80% of the population is like “oh yeah”


Am sure you might have a different opinion on this, why? Simply because you know not every clique of guys sited together over a few drinks always talk about meaningful things. Others talk about ladies, who slept with who, bla bla bla…..my answer for that I didn’t say guys I referenced men.

For one to be able to express their thoughts and opinion based on a particular subject I believe you must have at least read about it. All this sometimes comes down to what you do with your time and how well you utilize it, the people you associate with hence engaging your mind in different and new activities.
Did you know you can raise your intellectual quotient in a week? This means that you can be able to sit in that table and talk like a man or like a lady with her own money and more so brains. (Article for another day).

My point for today is engage in positive things and people that make you better. Read something, buy a newspaper not to show other men and women that you have a pile of papers with lots of ink and information on your arms, but because you need it and want to read it. Just remember at the end of the day, it your choice, maybe this is lame for you and I have offended you, honestly am sorry, really sorry for you. although “If you do not edify my life, I do not need you” should be words that you can tell people and more so mean them.



“In the world of Google ignorance is a choice”