We are heading there again! ‘DECISION 2017′


Nobody wants to go through what happened in 2007 (post election violence). SO THINK! Think before you dip that thumb in ink! THINK!


A Kenyan band has best expressed this in a song that makes you think, literally. They are known for their poetic and expressive music and this one happens to be one of my favorite.

H_art The Band’s song – ‘Think’ says it all…


“With everything that has been happening from Worker Strikes left right and center to elections just around the corner to wheel barrows that cost a foot _& arm to commissions of inquiry that rarely reveal truth :We Felt it was time for people to sit and reflect on their power which is SPEECH.”

“SPEECH isn’t necessarily shouting or marching on the streets but standing up and choosing the leader of your choice.A leader who stands for something. SO THINK !!!”

Quoted from their YouTube Channel; below is the lyrics and a link to the video.


Shut up!
Shut up and listen to the eloquence of silence,
From my tongue,
To your ears, direct,
Complex in a sense but still makes sense,
You see, “They”,
Call us, the “leaders of tomorrow”,
Cliché huh?
But we’re just the riders of sorrow,
Including him and her,
We need to, raise the bar,
Work as per,
Take a stand,
And make it grand,
Create a brand with strands,
That transcend through the essence of sense,
The presence of sense,
Should be our core chore,

But they,
They’re like weevils,
Evil people who forget their roots,
And ditch their people,
So they bore holes in society,
And blind us by digging boreholes in calamity,
They don’t prevent the tragedy,
They only rush,
After it’s a reality,
So the reality is the tragedy graduating into calamity,
Some famine,
Some drought,
Some poverty,
Empty plate, Empty cup, Empty pockets,
And so we mutate into pickpockets,
Who pick from empty pockets,
As they pick from every docket,
And open every locket,
And I don’t even own a jacket,
Let alone a closet??
This stinks!
This stinks!
That’s why we must Think before we dip that thumb in ink,



 If not,

The stinking won’t stop,
But the shilling will drop,
Drop in value,
Drop in life,
Drop from value,
Down to strife.
Funny how they promise us good roads,
Good health and good education,
Whereas the only implication,
Is setting up commissions,
After being hit with sheer allegations,
And queer instigation’s,

What a situation!
The same promises they made during the previous generation,
Are the same promises they’re making in this one,
This blander is a big one.
That’s why we need a strategy,
To stop this travesty, and animosity,
And by animosity,
I’m talking Wajir, Wagalla and Tana,
I think we need a page turner,
Cut the blander,

Avoid the plunder.
It’s about time we drew a line between retrogressive and progressive,
Active and proactive,
Customary and visionary,
Before you dip that thumb in ink.