What are your weaknesses? A question that most interviewers ask an interviewee.  This question has been rehearsed by many yet passed by very few. People often fail to understand its objective and how to use it to their advantage.

A weakness is a feature or a quality regarded as a disadvantage or fault. It also means a person or thing that one is unable to resist or likes excessively.  Therefore should you state your weakness as a problem or as something that can be fixed? For example, is making sure everything is perfect a weakness or should weaknesses always be of the negative side? I believe your weaknesses should be a positive fault that will add more value to your personality than reduce it hence setting yourbar a notch higher to getting that job.

Stepping outside the interview room, how well do you relate to people and control your weakness around them? People are differentiated by characters and different personalities. There are four types of personalities; sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. The difference between your character and your temperament is as follows;
ü Your parents habits, preferences and values
ü The “norms” of your society in expressing love and hate
ü What your relatives considered to be normal and accepted
ü What was considered dangerous
ü What was considered funny
ü Plus many other cultural aspects.

The sanguine type

This type is characterized by spontaneity, optimism, enthusiasm, high energy, mental flexibility, novelty seeking, impulsiveness and curiosity. These people often have very expressive faces and love using words like “adventure”, “energy”, “new”, “fun”, “active” and “travel”.
The phlegmatic type
They are mainly defined by their social skills, such as their ability to express themselves and read other people face expressions and body language. They do well in connecting facts and seeing “the big picture” their favorite words are “passion”, “passionate”, “sensitive” and “sweet”.
The choleric type

They are direct, focused, tough, analytical, logical and strategic. They have a great deal of courage and like to compete, often against each other. They love to use words like “intellect”, “ambition” and “challenge”, “values” and “morals”.

The melancholic type
They tend to claim. Loyal, and orderly, just as their personality name sounds. They are cautious and conventional. Their favorite words are “family”, “loyal”, respect”, “caring”.


A very beautiful lady one day, not so long ago confronted me about something and ended saying this words “…people always see my looks and my body and see that am perfect but what they don’t know is that despite all this, I have self esteem issues…” . I felt sorry for her……

Should one go telling others about your weakness especially the negative ones? The answer is NO! As stated above people have different temperaments therefore meaning that some of them will understand you and help you work o it, others will shut you down and laugh at you and others will downright use you. You should learn who to talk to and what you tell them. Not everyone is as loyal as you think.



“Nothing is fair anymore you need to wake up and protect your own”