Early morning motivation can be a tricky thing to find, but once you begin to practice it, it becomes second nature. While it may seem strange and unnatural at first, it quickly becomes a habit that is easily integrated into your everyday life.

I am not sure if am the only one who sets the alarm 15 minutes before the actual alarm time, awaiting a loud noisy cranky sound of the morning alarm.  It’s with no doubt you are in the mood of throwing your alarm off the window or just smashing it into pieces (trust me, I know that feeling).


Some of us have tried so many things, including; not using the snooze button as much as possible, waking up immediately the alarm goes off, setting the most annoying song as your alarm tone,  waking up several times at night to make sure you don’t fall into deep sleep and much more. Well, what can we do about it? Can we change this situation? Let’s try out a few things together……

Plan on what you want to wear the next day. Most of the time we wake up and feel like going back to sleep as we have no clue about what we are going to put on. Start by looking at what is lined up for the next day. How many meetings do you have? Are you going out on a field work? The most important of them all…. what mood are you in? Is it sexy official, super focused, nerdy, CEO type of look, fun and dressed down? Keep this in mind; you should have fun while doing this. After making your choice, iron them nicely and place them somewhere you’ll see them among the first things, when you wake up.

Change your alarm tone from loud noisy cranky song to something you love. The brain has been created to absorb our attitudes and reacts to what we feed it. Having a lousy alarm tone just messes you up, change it to something that will make you smile in the morning. One that will make your sleep fade away.

Read/listen to motivational materials. One of the best ways to ignite the spirit of endless possibilities is to devour some motivational material. Whether it may be in form of a book, audio book or podcast, inspirational songs to quotes written on your wall. This will drive your day as you will always remember it.


Exercise. There are immense benefits to exercising in the morning. First, it raises your metabolism which helps to burn calories all day. Second, it starts the day with a positive accomplishment.


Have fun in the shower; meditate. The bathroom is one of my best places to meditate. As the water drips and flows through your body, your mind tends to think the impossible. Having read or listened to something motivational, it’s your moment to rule the world with your imagination. Sing, bust a few moves, talk to yourself and practice the speech you are to deliver later in the day.

Take time to look good. Dressing, I believe now it’s easier since the clothes are ready. What you are left to do now is brush your hair, make sure your makeup is done right, fix your tie, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Don’t forget whoever you see on the other side, that’s your competition.


Take healthy breakfast. “Strive for five”. That means, try to include at least 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein in every breakfast. Example, two slices of French toast with whole grain bread and one egg with a cup of low-fat milk. You can later have coffee during mid morning hours.



And …