Sadly our 3 day tour ends today. Having known the importance of suits and how best they should fit, from different lengths to how to button and much more. Today it’s all about having fun by adding allegiance to the suit.


There are different ways to accessorize your suit. How a suit is accessorized can either make it better or totally bad and wrong. There are different ways to accessorize your suit;

Neck ware

Neck ware not only compliments the outfit, but it adds a whole lot of panache to your look and personality. Now depending on the type of neck ware, it could either convey an aura of classicism or of casual elegance. That’s the beauty with neck ware, that one piece of material around your neck…determines the mood you are in. So have fun and experiment with neck ware, and don’t just limit it to suits……wear them casually as well! We have different types of neck ware;



When choosing a tie, make sure that you have a particular suit and shirt in mind to match. If you are wearing a black (or navy) suit with a white shirt and attending more conserved functions, then a solid black tie is always the number one choice. fun dinners and parties leave more room for colored and patterned ties. consider dots, stripes, or other bold patterns. But keep in mind, when venturing out to patterns and vibrant colors, always ensure that it is not pulling away from both the suit and shirt, it should in fact enhance them both.Finally wear a skinny suit with an equally modern suit. Always buy silk ties, anything else will look cheap!


A solid and rich looking bow-tie is a must for formal occasion. Black, navy blue will do the trick. Now, for daytime wear, the rule is that it must be patterned. Always shop for dots, stripes pr paisley. Colors should be sober and darker in tone. One can wear a bow-tie with a sharp, slim-fit suit for an on-trend cut with an eccentric dash. They can prep-up plain spring outfits of short-sleeved shirts, tailored shorts and blazers.


Ascot’s have a comfortable yet polished look, and are a lightly inventive and rather unusual way to accessorize. To tie an Ascot, pull the Ascot around the back of your neck as you would a tie. Allow the left end to hang a little more than two inches longer than the right. Wrap the left end one and a half times over the right. Continue around, as if you were going to complete a second turn, but push the left end up, through the neck loop, so it emerges over the top. Make the top flap the only visible portion of the Ascot, and spread this cascade out a bit at the sides. There should be small creases in the Ascot. Ascot’s can be worn with most formal wear, including tuxedos, button-down shirts, and blazers.

Foot wear (shoes)

BGN0CYD_mnMost men treat foot wear as an afterthought, which naturally risks derailing even the most carefully considered outfit. Before even thinking about a tie and shirt combination, a man should take stock of what is going on his feet. Foot wear will elevate your look from plain-looking to spectacular. Black footwear can go with virtually any color suit you wear, the other color the most suits will accept is brown/burgundy, with the expectation of a black suit. the darker the shade the more formal the shoe. For slimmer fit suit, ensure that your footwear is slim as well.

Cuff links

mcl906sgo_a_pMen cuff links are some of the most underrated pieces of men’s fashion on the market today. They are a great way to show character and to convey your personality. Look for a color that matches your skin color and your shirt, although your options for color are limited to silver and gold so it shouldn’t be too hard for you.


Men’s belts are such a simple accessory you wouldn’t think choosing them requires much thought. Now one thing that needs to be stated, bid buckles do NOTHING to the outfit. In fact they ruin the look of it, especially on a slim fitted suit. they don’t look good on a suit or casually. A black/brown reversible belt is a cost-effective and perfectly acceptable choice for your wardrobe.

The pocket square

classic_pocket_square_thumbIt is a pocket square handkerchief used for purely decorative purposes. There are different ways of folding a pocket square. Each method produces a different effect which can be chosen to match the occasion. Folds are given flamboyant names such as presidential, the one, two, three, or four point folds and the puff. Each are designed to look different when placed in the top pocket. It is very rare to wear a square in a business environment, due to the fact that it creates an informal impression. However of worn to a board meeting, the more subtle and discreet square would be appropriate.


when it comes to socks tone it down. The color of socks you wear should be the same as the color of your pants/trouser. Keep it black to dark grey if you don’t have plenty of colored socks. Socks should fit right, they should not drop and sag all the time. It ruins a great look. Ankle socks a definite NO when it comes to suits.


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A watch adds elegance to the of the suit. makes one look classic and important. Don’t get it twisted and put on all the wrist accessories you have in the house, the few the better. If you don’t have a watch, a simple wrist accessory, vintage, classy or loyal bracelet is acceptable.

Thank you for joining me through the suit tour, am looking forward to seeing  more  elegant. well fitted and accessorized suit maniacs.