“I……take you….to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, in riches and in poverty till death do us part” words, most women wish to say and hear one day to the love of their life. Living in the 21st century with all the influence from tela nor veraz, romantic novels not forgetting influential movies, has affected vows that seal marriage, but what about before the vow?

If you just started dating, better have a strategy on how to keep your man or your lady , otherwise don’t blame yourself if you find yourself sharing or left mouth agape. Having said yes to one particular person doesn’t mean someone else isn’t eyeing them. You might be the first to buy a Bentley around your street, and when you have it that’s when everybody else wants to test its speed and the engine.

I remember back then (my parents’ era) respect and faithfulness was key in any relationship. Guts have induced into the current era and it’s the rule of the day. People have the ‘I don’t care attitude’ and as long this continues your relationship is in danger. Does she/he have a ring on it? well…..he/she is anybody’s merchandise darling. The attitude goes on to emphasize that, and just because you have her doesn’t mean I can’t too, either I make her mine or we share.

‘Before you find your Mr. Right or The princess you have to kiss a couple of frogs’.’It just dint work out like I expected’. The excuse they give for cheating and being snatched away. Education has come to advance the way people think and view things, hence making them follow their gut and dare to do different things. As long as you have devoted yourself to be there, doesn’t mean the other person has.

The dream is free but the journey is not. How you work towards your dream is what matters. It’s easy to get someone’s attention, all factors left constant that he/she is willing to listen and learn about more about you. You have the ability to either totally snatch someone or to share. Even though the snatching and sharing is a fact, you have the option of agreeing to share or be shared or even being snatched. Just look at what drew you to be in the current relationship in the first place. Be contended with what you have and what you settled for.

Virtue has a veil, vice a mask.