IMG-20150805-WA0000He drives off in a lavish car , 99% of the eyes on the road and around, help him drive it, others appreciating the model of the car(mostly men who understand cars , turbo, engine, cc etc) and for others (like me) are anxious to look who is driving it.

Every lady loves a man who drives…well okey most ladies. As they say every guy has a code…..mine….(story for another day)  . But why do women love men in cars?

IMG-20150805-WA0000 IMG-20150803-WA0005

He might as well be lucky.
He might as well be lucky.

The comfort of knowing that he will drop you off and pick you up anywhere you like makes you flaunt and toil like a little kid. Although sometimes I lack to understand why big cars are owned by old and not so good looking guys(am just saying) . Why not the young energetic, sexy vibrant  and cute men?

A car gives you reason to be spontaneous, think outside the box and if you are smart enough might challenge you to get your own and stop being a co-driver all the time. Do you even know how to drive yourself? Can you appreciate the value of the car and all that comes with it?

Is the worth of the car important to you as the owner of the car? Oh and lastly according to the driver….between you and the car who is of more importance?

Think about it and think it over…….