Not every relationship that starts ends with ‘and they lived happily ever after’ . There are so many ups and downs in a relationship. A relationship that only has highs and no lows the both of you are just playing dumb and stupid trying to make it perfect. Personally I kinda like the stupid fights that comes with boyfriend girlfriend drama it helps you know the other person better and how they react to certain situations. Relationships create a feel of belonging and comfort that helps you be yourself in front of the other person to do stupid and crazy stuff like ;she putting on your clothes and pretending she is you and acting like you, and him imitating you and how you talk via the phone at night, how you wake in the morning with your bad hair, no make up and a million attitudes yet he still gives you a sexy smile telling you,you are sexy when you wake up(we all know that’s a lie) but either way….it still makes you smile. Among other important things like accomping him to corporate dinners’ and family gathering. To the sexy; him undressing you without using his hands, nasty by spanking you, she on that lingerie (y’all know the rest) and romantic by making breakfast for you in bed, she fixing your tie before work, pecking you every time she says goodbye, kissing your eyes and making your hair. All this adds up and am sure its treasured, kept close to the heart as it means a lot. Key question is what happens when all that is taken away from either of you?. How long will it take for you to accept or will you stay wondering why. Having been in a situation where things did not work out, one craves for answers. Just when you think you have it all he/she leaves, funny enough, moves on like you never existed and acts like it was a mistake or better yet a point of refrence. I believe that if it meant something to you, even if they weren’t the ‘one’ give them the respect they deserve and most  importantly closure. Answer for walking away, and leaving them in the dark. If it got too boring and normal just say it. It will save them the struggle of disturbing you late at night and save them their time trying to figure out the reason why and what happened. If the new one is better than you. For how long have you and the ‘new being’ existed or were you cheating all this while. The worst thing is to pretend and play with someone’s heart. If you know it’s just for fun just say it to kill any expectations that one might have.
At the end of it all know that going after what you want is scary and possibly heartbreaking, but if you leave you will regret it.
Although that doesn’t mean you fall blindly. Open your eyes you need to see whether you are walking on rocks on or stepping the back of a tortoise.