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“At times we write to remember and others to forget”

Sometimes ladies always tend to think they are his number one, then later end up broken and without a reasonable excuse as to why. But what they did not know is that all this while is you were the side chick and not the main “mama”

To try help you and myself out, I talked to a few friends and through my personal observation,I can give a few points;


Are you his priority or he remembers your existence after three weeks of roaming and flirting with other ladies. Are you his company only when he is bored and has nothing to do? But don’t get me wrong……I need you to keep this in mind ‘only a broke man can give you all his time‘ but that doesn’t mean you act like one of his acquaintance that he calls when his broke.

How much do you know about him and how much does he know about you?

Spending valuable time with someone is treasure. Knowing one inside out to their fears and what irritates them most is interest. To add-on to that, even the most stupidest things about him and vice versa. If for instance the both of you were taken out for couple questioning, would you get it right or it would lean on one side where u know everything and he doesn’t know anything about you? All he knows is that you are good in bed. That’s your que to RUN!!!


His attitude towards you should tell you everything you need to know. Is he happy to see you? Spend quality time together doing crazy and stupid stuff that you will never forget? Does he respect you and all that you do? Is he supportive of the things you do or he doesn’t even care whether you are jobless or employed?  Is he protective of the fact that you are his or he lets other guys shower around like rain then comes back when its sunny?

How does his friends treat you?

Respect is gained and not earned. Birds of the same feather flock together. The character and attitude that his friends approach you by is key. That will help you know whether all your dirty linen is out there to the public or that whatever he does with you stays between you two.

Where do you spend most of your time together?

Is it just indoors? Does he ever take you out for dinner of just to meet his friends?Is he proud of you being in his life? Do you go home (his place) via the main doors or you always enter and leave via the back door?

Well all the above might make sense to you, or not. But at the end of the day if being his true one and only or being the side chick doesn’t bother you….. its okay. Everyone in life has their own priorities and its all a matter of choice.

At the end of the day, beware that respect and how you are treated is a way two-way traffic and you get what you deserve.